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Since 1996, schools have earned over $882 million through Box Tops to buy
the things they need. But in spite of the progress we've made, teachers still
often end up using their personal funds to buy supplies for their classrooms. 

Here's how you can help

Donate supplies directly to your school

Just fill a box with school supplies, then attach our
pre-made flyer to the front of the box, including a
note for your school and a list of what’s in the box.
Then simply drop it off at your school office.

Make a donation to the Kids in Need Foundation

This nationally-recognized nonprofit organization
helps provide free school supplies across the country
to the students most in need.


Tag a photo & tell some friends! Tag a photo of your BOX FOR GOOD on
Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #boxesforgood. Tag 3 of your friends asking
them to fill a box with school suplies, too and help make the Good Go Round!

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